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  • Trevor Lattin

Case Study: Outsourced collections and receivables in the U.S. to a third-party provider in Europe

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

At a global financial services client, our project manager and process analysts, we were responsible for analyzing which functions should be moved offshore, as well as creating, implementing and maintaining the project plan and return on investment.

Our change management professionals/organizational design experts created and implemented the change management plan for the export of 60 jobs offshore. We redesigned the organization to take into account the off-shoring of jobs and the creation of roles to manage the offshore contract and implemented the new structure thereby creating a formula to standardize the workload for each account representative based on the complexity of the work processes. We also mapped the processes and documented procedures to determine the proper assignment of staff within the business office and redesigned the organization post implementation of a new ERP system.

We became ducators of change within the organization to help ensure the new system’s and new processes’ success.

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